Internet freedom, licenses and unchecked email address

To avoid misunderstanding let me say first of all that internet is free and must be free forever… also I think that from now on the net must seriously auto regulate itself to avoid big problems from politic in the near future…

I’m reading and thinking a lot about the freedom and democracy on the net, here in Italy (as probably someone of you know) we got quite an issue on that when after someone in Milan breaking security punched with a souvenir our prime minister face. Immediately through Face book and others social networks tons of groups was formed pro/against the fact and pro/against who did it. Now some politician wants close groups and social networks… or similar idiocy… the debate is wide open. Beside this local issue also in the international scenarios freedom and internet are very intimately connected as you see in Iran’s daily news.

I’m also reading and thinking a lot about the endless spam, the scams, the hyip, the others illegal business that no one check till they make disasters or rob people. Freedom means that anyone should be able to post his/her own opinion but also it means responsibility… freedom is power ad with great powers comes great responsibilities.

I’m a private owner of a website… and as many serious provider also mine I guess will immediately disclose my data and details if any investigation occur. I think this is normal and correct.

After I said the above let me underline that this does not happen with social networks where anyone can register open a blog or a forum or a group without anyone knows actually who he/she is. The main strong point of social networks, their force, is the total freedom, but if not well managed can be also their genetic weakness. At the top level there is always a free email… a free email address that no one have checked (yahoo – gmail – hotmail) with a free email address anyone can do whatever wanted. Is quite obvious that more we all are going forward more internet is not a game, is serious, an email can be used for bad and for good. It will be so undemocratic that before open an email addresses ISP will ask me copy of some ID card or something to check my identity?

  • Free email address should continue to be unchecked?

The spread of knowledge is all but with billions on internet users… why not to start to really teach to people how to use internet.? Will be so undemocratic that before use internet I must have some kind of internet license covering my ID and covering the fact that I know how to use several tools (like a kind of driving license)?

  • There should be a kind of license to use internet?

no, no, a thousand times no

do you need a license to walk into a library and read a book?

okay, maybe you need a library card to take a book home, but this is where the analogy ends – you can still, always and forever, walk into a library and read a book

same as television – do you need a license to watch television?

i do ~not~ refer to this –

but rather, do you need a license to actually watch, assuming you’re sitting in front of a working television set?

no, no, a thousand times no


There is not quite a big difference?

We are smart enough… let do not downgrade the net to tv… this is what they want!! another tv for brainwashing people with commercials.

Internet was born it is and must be a 2 way media… :rofl:

In order to manage that, responsability isn’t tought?

The internet is nowhere near free lol… It cost me money to host, purchase domain names, and more… The internet is free to the people don’t do anything… Ironic huh?

You have things backwards.

No one said that setting up a site is free.

It is being able to access information on the internet that is free. Whatever information you want can be accessed from the internet without that information costing you anything. You do not need to pay a licence fee to be able to access the information.

Since you claim your internet isn’t free can you please tell us who it is that requires you and no one else to pay a licence fee to read information on the internet. Note that we’re talking specifically about the information here. What you have to pay for the infrastructure that gives you access to the internet is not what is being discussed (we know everyone has to pay for that).

Nice point felgall… but… beside this specific post… if is a right to have internet free from any controll why should not be free to hace access to the conncetion itself.
This is the real key of evolution in my opinion… why poor guys should stay ignorant without connection? Probably they can contribuite like others.

This is another big issue.

According to this ISP the web will become more and more dangerously coercitive because the same who pretend to fight spams are the same who encourage spams (remind of a story about Anti-Virus Firms) and this someone is Nobody Else than the (Evil) Famous Guy who created the BIND protocol (guess his name) and some interesting fact also revealed is the Guy has an Internet Marketing Firm who does collect and sell email addresses. He was former President of MFNX with Rockfeller at the Administration Board which was controlling the Internet Backbone Infrastructure. The Guy pretends to be Libertarian whereas he likes to compare himself to Hitler, well …

He would have said in 1998:
There will be a day when folks will need to pay to transit email.

So I foresee his strategy, under the guise that Internet has become a mess, it should be controlled and so people should register and identify and his internet marketing business will of course benefit from that especially as he is a technical leader in the smtp and bind protocol and spam fake-fighter.

Just take it as something at least Funny as it sounds like Science Fiction :smiley:
One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness BIND them
the Lord of The Rings

Interesting point you have… but what if all net became a big mess ???

It is quite a mess already to me as I rememebr as it was in 1996

i agree, it’s a ~far~ worse mess today than it was in 1996

here’s something cute i wrote in 1997 –

today’s web is crap compared to the glory days of netscape and hotwired

Aunt Netty play on the word “netiquette.” nice…

By the way today also netiquette is gone… spam scam and trash is all over net and forum moderators/admins are getting more mad then ever …

Hmm it’s not my point I have nothing to do with the site above :slight_smile: