Internet Explorer Testing

Hey all. I have questions about the best way to test in multiple versions of Internet Explorer.

As you may know, you can’t install more than one version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft just upgrades it, instead of installing side-by-side (as it should be). But with that comes the problem of testing in multiple versions of Internet Explorer because, as you may also know, IE is the most buggy of all browsers.

Right now, I’m using a program called IE Tester. I really like it, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to test.

Thoughts/Personal Experiences?

This might be of interest:

Yes. Browser lab looks excellent…previewing it now. I don’t own a domain name…how do I preview a local file?


You can’t with something like BrowserLab. You’ll need one of the other solutions that allows you to install browsers on your machine.

Ah…too bad. Because I don’t like spending the money on a domain (my clients and I tend to be cheap :smiley: ) when it’s not up and running.

I love BrowserLab, though. Thanks for that.

I don’t know how one would have a web design business and not have some utility hosting lying about.

Microsoft actually provides you a solution here – use VirtualPC and the free IE compatibility VHDs. Yes, the different OSes matter – the scripting engine was borrowed from there. Vista and XP have some different behaviors in some cases.