Internet Explorer showing URLs in all links

Internet Explorer has surprised me many times with the creative ways it ruins my day, but this is the strangest one yet. For some reason, it is showing the URL next to each hyperlink, which as you can imagine, totally wrecks the layout. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

Broken in both ie6 and ie7

It would be your “” script. It is creating:

<?xml:namespace prefix = ie7 /><ie7:! style="OVERFLOW: hidden; CONTENT: ' (' attr(href) ')'" id=ie7_pseudo40 class="ie7_anon ie7_class8"> (</ie7:!>

I only have that issue when I view your page in IE8 with compatibilty mode turned on

Hmmm … that’s bizarre. It’s also bizarre that it is giving both the link text and the URL an initial capital letter when you haven’t got one in the source (unless you’ve chosen to use the non-standard lower case in the source and then put it back to normal in the CSS). My guess is that in one of the myriad scripts you’ve got running there’s something adding the URL to the link text, but I won’t be able to check that out til tomorrow evening.

Guys, thank you all so much for your help.

Logic_Earth, you are spot on about that ie9 script - it came as part of the HTML5 Bolierplate as some kind of enhancement, but now it shall meet my delete key!