Internet Explorer 7 issue

hello all. i am customizing a template:

the issue is for the main content slideshow part. there is a left and right arrow button that visitors can use to manually scroll through the slideshow. however, in IE7 these left and right arrow buttons do not show up.

i think the issue is being caused by the .css file. do a search for left_arrow and right_arrow which are both .png files in the .css and you will be able to locate the section in the .css

i am having serious problems trying to figure out why the arrows are not showing up.

The arrow span anchors are set as position:absolute; and IE7 is choking because there is no offset values defined.

You need to at least say left:0; so IE7 does not have to guess what to do with it.

#prevBtn a, #nextBtn a {
background:url("images/left_arrow.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

i use templates now. it’s not my code anymore i just get in there and change things up.

it seems i have gone to the dark side… i use dreamweaver and templates now. i never wanted to do that, but…

Rayzur, as always, I am thankful. :smiley:

Did the previous post solved your issue?

Also, Why are the arrows in 2 tags (span>a)? You can set all the css on the a.