Internet bank account, possible?

do you know for some good INTERNET bank, I need internet bank account, I need to create it online, option to add money to my account (WIRE, CC etc.), option to use that money to pay somebody, option to get debit card from them and after all low fees, I don`t need some account where I must pay $50 to load $100 to account and other $50 to transfer it somewhere…

Exist some internet bank? Something better than paypal (I cant add money to my account because they dont allow it for my country), moneybookers etc.?


Hmm, I can’t speak for your location, but that’s what normal banks typically offer here in Australia. I do all my banking online, have not been to the bank offices for several years, and have a debit card, and no fees…

I don’t think PayPal is technically a bank.

Reading between the lines :teleport: I think you’re looking for a replacement provider for the services PayPal provide.

I need some bank where I can get account ONLINE, where I can wire money in $ from affiliate programs like google adsense, where I don`t must pay high fees for every funding, where I can get visa/mastercard card and that is all…

Why I need this, because companies from USA sending money to me in $ (check or wire) and in my country in my bank they exchange it to valute in my country when I want to use that money with my debit card and again when I paying my servers in USA they exchange it to $ from valute in my country, also I have some other fees and on this way I loosing a lot money and I don`t need it…all my work is in USA…only what I need is some cash for me :smiley:

Today, all banks offering internet banking and also allow it’s client to full access to their online account through securing with user password and PIN code to account.
So, you should go to the nearby bank in your country which is offering online banking then you can open an account. So , you 'll be able to operate your account from anywhere on internet.
in this operation you can deposits and transfer balance to others, even you can withdraw cash from your account. ATM is such kinda internet banking.

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There’s no such thing as an internet bank - the actual company holding your money is located in SOME country - but most banks do have a website accessible through the internet. Some even let you open the account online, like ING Direct or Schwab.

If your local banks are not satisfactory, then you might look what countries allow foreigners to open bank accounts, then find a bank that lets you do so online. It won’t be called an internet bank, just a bank that has a website. The ability to deposit, withdraw and wire money are available at just about any bank.

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I believe PayPal is a bank in some of the countries it operates in.


Which country are you from? I think the best possible way for you to secure yourself the right bank you have to go directly to your local banks and inquire there if they provide the service you need.

I would try HSBC bank. They have banks all over the world. The ineternet banking pays inetrest and you can have regular account linked ot it. Debit cards are free and you can get money from any branch if you need to.

I would agree with this suggestion. AllyBank also isn’t bad, but it is all going to depend on the original poster’s location. It may be possible to still open a US bank account, but it’ll require a lot more paper work.

It almost sounds like you are wanting to open a bank in the United States. It is a bit more difficult to do since 9/11 and some banks have different regulations. Usually, they will follow a YKYC (you know your customer). By simply walking into a bank - this satisifies some of them.

Sometimes, you might be able to open a bank account online with a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If you can get this, and along with your passport, fly to the United States, I know some people that have been able to open a bank account with Bank of America (B of A). I also know some people who have opened an account with B of A just by walking in. They were told as long as they do not want an interest bearing account, they can open up a bank account.

If you do open up a B of A account, don’t think though this is a work-around to have your customers put money into your Paypal account though. Paypal monitors your IP addresses, etc and if they think you are violating their TOS, your account will probably be suspended / terminated. They might hold any money for six months and it is also possible for them to withdraw money as well - they do this to cover themselves.

Sounds like you’re not only looking for a bank account, but also a way to accept payments from customers online? If so, you’ll need an internet merchant account/payment processor.

A few payment processors allow you to link your available funds to a credit card which you can use to make regular purchases:

If you can tell what country you’re from that would help others to assist you best.