Internet Advertising models?

Hi there,

I am new to this so please bear with me for a first try.

I am interesting in in various advertising internet models that are available ie

  1. Query-based Paid Placements
  2. Contextual Advertising / Behavioral Marketing and
  3. Content-Target Advertising.

I am aware of which companies can help me with implementing the above but, does anyone know which websites have used these models to make their companies successful. Does anyone know how much they have made using these models also .



I suggest reading this forum for a few days, then come back with your questions. There’s a wealth of information around here - I’ve learned a lot just by reading.

Lol that sounds like someones homework to me! I don’t even know what half those words mean… Why do people make up such complicated names for simple things!

If you can explain each of the terms I can possibly point you in the right direction for a site that’s implemented them.

  1. Is that adwords?
  2. Is that any site that users adsense?
  3. I haven’t a clue!

Some quick definitions from what I have gathered all those terms to mean:

Query-based Paid Placements
These are ads placed on search pages and targeted to the word the user inputs. So if the user is searches for Book X, then the ads should be targeted to Book X as a term and include book shops and the like with Book X for sale. These ads should get a good CTR as they offer exactly what the user is looking for at that moment. Google has these next to its search results.

Contextual Advertising/Content-Target Advertising
This is like AdSense or YPN, so the ad is targeted to the textual content of a page. So if you have a page about a certain author, then the ad engine would have spidered your page and noticed that, therefore targeting the ads on the page to books by that author and similar books by different authors.

Behavioural Marketing
This is not the same as contextual advertising. Behavioural marketing looks at a users buying and/or browsing habits over a certain period to ascertain what type of objects and services they are interested in and then matches ads to that. Here the ads may not be relevant to the content of the current page or what the user is searching for, but may also interest them. Amazon uses behavioural targeting for its recommended ideas for purchase showing you what similar items others have bought and also estimating what types of things you might like now from what you have purchased in the past.

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I think this kind of techniques will only use by companies where there product is similar to adopt these methods to market. Internet advertising is one of the rising element in these days.