International sites--dynamically change time zones

Hi. I recently completed a site for client, and I am now responsible for building 9 more versions in different languages.

I am being provided with translated content, so that isn’t an issue. The main page is for a number of events that are scheduled to take place next month. Right now all the times (about 30) are listed in EST, since only the English site is live.

But my client wants for the users to be able to choose their time zone on the international sites and for the event times to change accordingly. (I plan to use UTC for all.) I know how to swap out some text with innerHTML, but this is a much larger task, and I am not quite sure where to even start.

Has anyone ever done anything like this or know where I can find a script that might start me out?? Thanks in advance.

do you have a separate field for time or it is with the main contain.

If it is has the separate field you can just adjust the time according to the timezone user is in if no then option might be changing the time when content is being loaded using string replace.

It is in a separate field. The whole thing is a big table and the time is in its own row.

I realized that since the data is static (ie, this session starts at 9am, this one at 11am), it doesn’t matter that it is a time. I’m not doing a clock. What I need to do is convert 9am UTC-5 to whatever time UTC+8 when the user selects.

So I basically need a to convert & replace. Still no idea how to do that though. :confused:

I think that is not the best idea try to change the the string to date it is more easy if you want to work with multiple time. once the field is changed to date you can simply change the time using server-side script