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Hey guys, just wanted to ask your insights about we internally linking our UK region pages to our AU version. Will that be okay since the content intent is globally written or we should link to just specific regions? Thanks in advance!

We can’t share insights without you explaining what you want to link to and from, and why.

For context, our client has a global website (AU, UK, US, NZ, SG & IE) and one of our On Page strategy is internal linking. Is it okay if we internal link our AU site on our SG site - like linking it on category pages, blog posts etc.

No one in our web dev team has ever asked an outsider if it was OK to link to here or there.

Can you explain what you think will happen if you do or don’t?

I don’t actually know the answer if what will happen, that’s why I’m here. The only thing I know is the proper internal linking like letting google/user know that this link is related to this and to that etc.

or maybe if we link a different region, it’ll be considered as an external link?

You’ve posted in Marketing and seem to be concerned about this from Google’s point of view, but what about human visitors? I’d be confused if I started out on your UK site and suddenly found myself on your Australian site. I’d assume that I’d screwed up somewhere and clicked a link by mistake.

You might find this helpful:

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From my point of view, which is a user’s point of view, it only make sense if the information you’re linking is related to the article I’m reading.

Let’s say that I’m looking for recipes to cook cod and I found one in your UK site. If at the bottom of the site, you’re linking to more recipes and related articles that complement the recipe that I’m reading, and one of those articles is on the AU site, that will make sense because that’s interesting information that it is not on your UK site.

Take into account that, if possible, you don’t want visitors to leave your site, because retention is one of the factors that you can use as indicator of which pages work and don’t work in your site, how interesting is your site for the public, as well as to get higher in Google ranking.

Also think that the majority of major companies that have country websites, normally use their main one (.com most of the time) to direct traffic to their country sites, whether it is via choosing a language or a country directly.
And once you’re directed to that country site, you don’t leave it. They don’t take you back to the main site.

Look at Amazon or Apple, where .com is the main store but as soon you specify the country, you either go to or

Or to international banks, where if you go to their .com site, they will have generic information about global results, who they are, etc. but if you want to see your accounts or open a new one, you have to visit the country version of that bank. Functionality changes accordingly.

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