Intermediate Wordpress Tutorials

On behalf of a friend, I am in search of some quality Wordpress tutorials and guides at the beginner/intermediate level. They do not need to include advanced topics (such as plugin development), just guides on designing templates mainly. Does anyone know of any good resources?
Thanks much.

SitePoint has a new book on themes:
Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes by Allan Cole, Raena Jackson Armitage, Brandon R. Jones & Jeffrey Way

Chrisy Coyier’s Digging into WordPress is also very good, I believe.

Awesome, thanks for them I will look in to them. My friend does have limited funds so books (at full price) may not be the best option, so I am also in search of some web based tutorials also. Thanks again though.

The WordPress site itself has a wealth of information that would keep someone going for months if they had the energy to read through it all. I would recommend starting there, as there are probably many links there to further resources as well.

I suggest you visit this site… I found this when I was just starting to build my website and it’s really helpful… A Step by Step Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners | WordPress Online

I know HTML and CSS and don’t know too much about PHP but following this tutorial (which still work for we for later versions of wp) worked for me [although I am having a problem with the comments at the moment - that’s the only issue/thing it didn’t explain]