Interesting on hover linked div challenge, maybe itll be easy for you though

this page

i was hoping to add an on hover that says click to enlarge when the user mouses over the large left hand image

also i am unsure how to make it so as the large image changes it enlarges the appropriate image. so if you click on the big image when it is showing one painting (my art website) it enlarges the right one! and not the same image every time

wouldd it be the same way i did the directional arrows…by using the show hide property to show a different div for each image? and each div is linked to a new window showing the enlarged piece? how exactly would i do this or is their a better way?

PAUL OD where are you?! you were very helpful in the past

thanks so much for the help…this forum is great

what about with just css?


Just nest a span within the anchor holding the image and on hover say a:hover span {yada} to show the tooltip in order to show large image on click use this

Just change it to the img instead of the menu.