Interesting facts - I broke a World Record

Today, we helped to break a World Record (me and about 200 others but who’s counting?) -

That got me thinking, what are your odd claims to fame?

[FONT=Verdana]Congratulations - that’s a truly creative record to break. :slight_smile:

I was part of the group that recently smashed the world record for the largest knitted blanket. About 100 of the squares are mine.[/FONT]

Just to add I help (Building 3 Sand Castles compared to Richards 2! but then we did a few last minute mercy dashes to help a few others complete theirs).

Did you get your actual name in the book?

No - there were thousands of knitters, so I think we’d need a book to ourselves. :lol: The credit goes to Alzheimer Scotland, who organised the attempt and far exceeded their expectations with the result.

Suppose we had better credit Yorkshire Water then…

My goals in life do not include to break any world records… the only record I’d be interested to break right now it would be the person who had the happiest holidays in the world… during a minimum time of 2 weeks… but it seems that I’ve been naughty and I have no holidays this year :lol:

Congradulations Richard…