Interactive Webpages

Other than Adobe Flash is there a less expensive and complex method of making interactive (basically drop and drag) webpages?

Can anyone suggest a better technology?:slight_smile:

Hi, yes…

we have an application that helps children learn how to multiply, learn the tables by using a story line and color coded numbers. the pre-schoolers have to drop and drag little circles onto a larger graphic number in a set sequence.
if correct they to onto the next number.

i have found True Space and downloaded it, but it is quite complex with a steep learning curve. Your suggestions will be welcome. here’s the website:
Magical Mind.

thank you!:slight_smile:

yah…try swishmax…using that you can create stunning flash animations, Flash websites, banners etc…


Yea, the OP would be looking for something in the AJAX / JavaScript field (which is better than Flash for the content).

jQuery would be my personal choice (purely down to the scale of support for the framework)

Various javascript frameworks offer interactive effects (jQuery, MooTools, Prototype with

Can you describe a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish?