Interactive Tablet Magazines VS Online Magazines


I am considering starting a digital magazine on the side of my day job…nothing too intense, a quarterly/biquarterly edition depending on time & resource.

I have two schools of thought at present… My first option is to design an interactive magazine that users can browse on ipads/tablets. The second option is to create a Wordpress backed online magazine that can be populated over time.

The issue with the second option is the fact that content will need to be continuously populated to feel fresh and current, and it would take some time to build. I would obviously have to support this with emarketing as well. The first option I am unsure as to whether it will have enough of a reach… but I do think the first option could be more immersive and beautiful - and potentially easier to create.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience in digital publishing design and had any thoughts? Are there any more innovative ways to publish out there that could be good to try out??

Thanks in advance!


The first thing that springs to mind is using the COPE model - “Create Once Publish Everywhere”. What this means is that you control your content from one place then feed it out to wherever it needs to be viewed, whether that’s in an app or on a web site.

If you think about it you’d need to populate your magazine with content anyway so there’s no reason why you can’t use the same content on the web site, it’s easy enough to publish the content in the magazine “today”, but delay publishing on the web site for say 3 months to encourage magazine usage to get the latest stories first.

Using the same content you can also use different styling so as to offer an more “interactive” experience on tablets, and more generic on desktop views.

Very true and helpful, thank you… I have seen others package up a design and export to desktop/mobile/app templates. This is often great for mobile, but on desktop I feel it spoils the experience and I would rather have a separate desktop design for editorial content.

I guess it’s about designing a brilliant ipad/tablet magazine, marketing that and seeing the user feedback and then rolling it out to a website once content and build resource is available later down the line.

I am aware that publishing, although digital, is slightly off topic, so thank you for your advice!