Interactive content for quote site


I’ve been pondering about including some interactive content into my website about quotes.
What I can think of so far would be either a blog, or some kind of submit quotes or vote function.

But I’m a bit afraid of ending up with spam of various kinds.

Any other interactive ways suitable for quote sites or ways to work around spam with limited monitoring time?


If you have something that receives input, you’ll get spam. It’s just the way of the internet. =p

There really aren’t any ways to truly prevent spam while still receiving regular input. There is spam fighting software which you can employ (like Akismet).

You can also design whatever you build so things don’t appear until they are moderated (which is generally a good idea for many reasons).

You shouldn’t let the fear of spam prevent you from adding awesome features. :wink:

You could always enable a simple registration system before allowing members to submit and/or vote. Merely a name, pass and email or even just email and pass. Something that will just weed out spammers/bots a little bit

I’ll experiment with a forum, seems there are good anti spam functions in regular phpBB forums :slight_smile: