Integration of Webstore & QuickBooks

I have QuickBooks version 2005. Is their any tool or software which integrate QuickBooks with any webstore like XCart, ZenCart ?


You’ll pretty much need a quickbooks merchant account.

What type of integration are you looking for? Do you manage inventory with QuickBooks and you want to sync inventory? Do you just need sales data downloaded daily/weekly?

I have the same question - I just need to be able to download sales data into quickbooks.

The format of the files to IMPORT data to QuickBooks is not difficult to find documentation for or to write. One difficulty is that in order to import sales data, you have to also import the new customers and duplicate customer records will be created for repeat cutomers unless you are very careful to maintain the correct customer ID information.

I’ve written scripts that produce IIF files for orders, but it was for a very wierd .ASP based order form that is slated to be replaced, and the scripts were never really tested.

If there is an interest, contact me directly and I’ll consider putting them up on the web.

You can use PayPal as your payment processor (all major shopping carts support it) and import your PayPal transactions into QuickBooks later (SimplePort).

Actually, check this out: I just realized that PayPal has a download format for QuickBooks IIF files! After you log into to your PayPal account, go to “History” / “Download History” and change the “File Types for Download” to “Quickbooks (.iif)”.

I wonder how Simple Port manages to make a buck? Do people just not realize that PayPal already supports that directly?

PayPal’s export does not give you:

  • Customer records
  • Sales receipts
  • Returns/refunds
  • Chargebacks
  • Reversals
  • Bank transfers

It also dumps everything into only a single income and expense account. It’s really wholely inadequate for doing any type of bookkeeping. SimplePort gives you all of that.

Thanks for the detail Dan. It appears that SimplePort started as a FOSS perl script called pp2iif. I don’t guess anyone kept a copy? Is an M$ Excel add-on that translates import PayPal transactions into QuickBooks. For most transaction types, everything needed to keep your PayPal account in balance is created, including transactions to represent your cash sent & received as well as PayPal fees.

New! Now includes support for the PayPal shopping cart. Now if your downloaded PayPal file contains your shopping cart details, those details are transferred to QuickBooks.

New! Now includes support for UK, including VAT details in your PayPal data.

eBay: The tool also enables integration of eBay sales with your QuickBooks company file. This saves you time managing your auctions and payments, enables for easy accounting integration of eBay and PayPal, and it saves error-prone data entry.

The cost is $50 one time.

Try out

if you have aspdotnetstorefront you can integrate qucikbooks.

I have used quickbooks integration with digishop before. It is a direct integration so you don’t have to export or import files. Your orders auto sync with quickbooks.

Here are some ideas: allows for QuickBook exports.
StoneEdge Order Manager is does this very well.

try WebLink from 4ZMagic E-Business Solutions

I’ve used BigRedConsultings products for several years. Basically I download my sales to Excel and then use their IIF creator to import. Pretty simple although I have to do data cleanup before importing. This is a function of the different sales channels formats rather than BRC’s stuff.

I have a PHP cart (eCommerce Templates) and also sell on Amazon. I use T-Hub from Atandra to sync both the cart and Amazon to Quickbooks and it does a pretty good job. Their support team does a pretty good job too although not as good as the ECT folks… they’re outstanding. It’s a little pricey but after the holiday rush last December, we had to do something to automate the process or it would drive us crazy.

I recommend QuickBooks Integration, QuickBooks Shopping Cart Integration, Integrate X-Cart Magento osCommerce Zen Cart with QuickBooks: Webgility modules.