Integration of Symfony Console Component with CodeIgniter 1.7

I’m going to attempt to add the Symfony Console component to a CodeIgniter 1.7 project. Has anyone tried this?

CodeIgniter 1.7 - no wonder you have such a poor opinion of CodeIgniter :slight_smile:

I would first be tempted to upgrade your ten year old version to the latest version of CodeIgniter 3.06.

The documentation is comprehensive and I have found the upgrades quite easy.

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The only interest I have in a mass upgrade effort is off CodeIgniter. In the mean time I’m just trying to make it more like a modern framework like Laravel. The entire CodeIgniter ecosystem is to far behind the times.

No it is you which is behind the times and missed out on ten years of updates. Many of which were essential security updates.

The 1.7 version is way out of date and used PHP 4.X.X, MySql, etc. It was on the go long before Symphony and Laravel were even thought of. Your attempt to add Symphony will bring you grief and also even lower your CodeIgniter opinion.

I think you should consider the modern version of Symphony is not good because it does not integrate easily with ten year old software :slight_smile:

CodeIgniter 2 has reached its end-of-life for support and updates, as of October 31, 2015. No further updates are planned. We encourage you to upgrade to CodeIgniter 3.x!

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I have been on this project for 6 months. It is 6 years old. It was originally built quickly by somebody else. There is only so much one can do.

Luckily this application is only accessible to partners through an authentication portal.

We recently migrated the app from php 5.3 to 5.5. Which included migrating to mysqli_* and whole bunch of other things. Also moved it from svn to git.

I know but CodeIgniter 3 and 4 don’t make much headway either. Were those versions created before Laravel and Symfony.

You’re probably right.

The entire app is going to be rebuilt on MEAN. That is the long term effort to effectively replace it.

Ultimately there is about 5 years worth of bad decisions that make it very difficult to upgrade this project. Everything from hard-coded paths to core hacks.

As for the CodeIgniter ecosystem itself it has taken several years to basically just use namespaces. Having used many other projects I’m completely unimpressed by the CI brand. For god sake Drupal was basically completely rewritten top to bottom in four years and is hundred times more complex than little ole’ CI. Yet really when it comes down to it the only thing the beta version has that is even worth mentioning is namespaces. It doesn’t even have a proper event system or dependency injection container. The core maintainers just seem really lackluster and lazy in my opinion when compared to the work that has been done with other projects.

To put it in retrospect I have added name spacing to controllers, composer autoloading, view composers, and an asset management system to 1.7. Those efforts took me around 2 weeks to fully complete. So call be unimpressed and quit frankly insulted with the beta version of CodeIgniter. The entire project is way below my expectations of a modern framework.

That being said I’m being paid to do a job so I’m going to do it. If I can make incremental changes like modernizing the application along the way I’m going to do it.

Was there any particular reason why you migrated to a no longer supported version (patch support for 5.5 ended earlier this month so 5.6 is now the earliest version still supported).

if you used CodeIgniter’'s Active Record Class that would have meant changing a single line in the ./config/database.php file.[quote=“oddz, post:5, topic:230356”]
As for the CodeIgniter ecosystem itself it has taken several years to basically just use namespaces.

Namespaces were not required but could be implemented if it used a PHP version which supported namespaces.

It appears the software has served the original purpose and also, after six year, it was an excellent choice :slight_smile:

If the software still works and internal I can appreciate your reluctance to upgrade to the latest CodeIgniter version.

Best of luck with MEAN and hope there are few problems to overcome with the update.

The migration effort began four months back and completed about a month and a half ago. I was stone-waled by our IT department on the version.The IT department really pushed for having all the php applications run on the same version which is 5.5. That wasn’t a battle worth fighting. I think its easy enough to now upgrade from 5.5 to 7 when the time comes with all the work that done in migrating to 5.5.

Like I said I didn’t build this application. It was built 6 years ago by others.

They have been implemented in the beta version but that is really all that has changed. Have you looked through the actual code? It is basically the same exact thing but everything has name spacing. Which is a step in the right of the direction but not nearly enough for a minimum viable framework. Like I said before the thing still uses out-dated hooks and doesn’t use dependency injection. Even Drupal is ridding itself of hooks in favor of a true event system. Why can’t CI.

I disagree. Just because it works doesn’t mean it was an excellent choice. There are a lot of poorly built systems out there that work. It doesn’t make them good or the original architecture well done. It speaks more to the talent that has maintained them than anything else. Cause at the end of the day if you understand php you can understand any php framework with very little effort. Especially one like CodeIgniter that is basically just a simple MVC wrapper with singletons. Its really like one of the dumbest frameworks out there.

I have a much higher standard for frameworks and so should you.

Even four months ago PHP 5.5 was in security patch only mode with only three and a half month left to run of even that. A pity that you had no say in upgrading so as to not have the upgrade be to a version with no more support than the version upgraded from. Presumably now that 5.5 is no longer supported and is vulnerable to the next security hole that is discovered they will upgrade again sooner rather than later.

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