Integrating WordPress and phpbb

I am looking for step by step instructions on how to integrate my phpbb forums into wordpress. I would like for the forums to have my current Wordpress theme around it so that my user would not have to go back and forth.

I am a complete novice so I need very detailed instructions. I have searched the web and found instructions, but they all assume knowledge of coding exists and are not step by step.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I’ve personally never done this before, can you provide links to the sites where you found instructions and identify which parts are confusing you so we can offer better assistance?

The closest that I found that was sort of step by step was at the phpbb forums ( I get lost around the part where it says to delete the header. After that I get lost and I don’t know where to go into my WordPress style sheet to get information. I am looking for something that will show me: step 1 go here and step 2 enter this.

Thank you for your response cpradio

Okay, for the header, it wants you to remove the header of the phpBB forum from its styles/your_theme_name_here/templates/overall_header.html file.

If you post that file here, I can help you remove the section.