Integrating IP Boards to external log in system


I want to use my own log in system and user-database to also log in to IP Boards at the same time.

Ive read the tiny guideline at IP Boards site but could get much out of that.
My site is built in PHP 5.3 with MySQL 5.1+, i use Session (IP Boards v3.14).
The forum is placed on the same server as url/forum/
I don’t know what other info is needed.

Is there someone that have done this before or can give some advice/help to do this? :slight_smile:

I think you have to research the login procedure of IPB then using it in your code. I’m using IPB also, I will take a look and will response if I found it.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

After you login to your ACP. Go to the Login Management and then take a look at External Database.

Hope it may give you some idea.

Not that I have tried or used a “single sign on” script before but the search [google]IP Boards single sign on[/google] turns up a few likely candidates including this one.