Integrating Fingerprint readers in a web application

I please need information on any fingerprint reader software that could be used to provide means of Identifying records from a MySQL database in an application developed using PHP.

At first glance, a fingerprint reader would be hardware residing on the clients machine. PHP is most commonly used as a server side language for generating web pages. These two common usages don’t seem to fit together in the same picture.

Perhaps you can contact the vendor of the fingerprint reader to see what kind of integration mechanisms they provide (e.g. embed some kind of a vendor supplied active x control in an IE dedicated environment - assumed to be an intranet application).

Otherwise I suggest you clarify your question to make it more answerable.

Hi muhdsumar, welcome to the forums,
Don’t get me wrong, I love PHP and think it’s a great language. And there very well may be a PHP/MySQL fingerprint application out there somewhere. But IMHO, PHP is better suited for web applications and a fingerprint scanning application is more of a desktop application. I have heard some criticism of MySQL that it is not a “real” database, ie. not powerful enough for enterprise applications, but AFAIK it may very well prove adequate for you. In any case, I think you will have better luck looking for something written in NET or Java etc.

Let me rephrase my question. [I] mean to ask of any server application that could possibly serves as unique identifier to records in a certain table using a fingerprint. I already have an application developed using PHP/MySQL. Thanks.

If you already have the information in a database, you should be able to query it using a SELECT DISTINCT
Each record should have a unique id already no?

Hi, Muhdsumar!

I don’t think that it is server side that needs some modification. Fingerprint reader will give out you a hash value after reading fingerprint. Hopefully this hash does not change, so it is client side that needs some form of API to communicate with fingerprint reader. Server would just receive this hash value as a string or number.
Implementation depends on what security requirements you have regarding interception or falsification of fingerprint information.

if you need multi-factor authentication, you might want to look into those Vasco digipass things. - they are used by banks and such.

I have no idea of the cost of something like that - but I have to think it’s more do-able than reading fingerprints for your average web app.

I got a product that seems would work for me. It is m2sys’s BioPlugin Webserver. It is a web based application that utilises Apache, PHP and SQL server. Please visit But I’ll appreciate more suggestions.

Yes, that uses an “ActiveX Bridge” so it looks like it should tie in to your application OK.

It seems I can’t get any solution better than m2sys for now. I’ll pay for the license and give it a trial. And I’ll share the experience with others too.