Integrating Commence CRM with a CMS

I’m pitching for a website redesign for a commercial real estate company. They want a single data entry system to replace the one they currently have - Property data entries have to be duplicated several times in the current system. Which is fine, but they also want to integrate their CRM - Commence with the new CMS. But I’m struggling to find a way to do this. On one side I have a CRM expert know’s how to integrate Commence - which is natively an API - with a website but can’t deliver all the functions required for such a site - as found on the WordPress extension Elegant Estate or the Joomla extension Ossolution Property. And on the other side I have a developer who can build the site with these extensions but doesn’t know how to integrate it with Commence.

So has anyone had any experience with integrating Commence or similar CRM with a CMS, I have searched and searched for an answer to this problem but I have failed miserably so far.:frowning:

Yup… But, I’m a Drupal addict so… I’d be point you in that direction with Drupal 7, CiviCRM 4.3.x and Drupal Commerce (or Ubercart.)

  • CiviCRM also installs with WordPress and Joomla but Drupal has the Views module which IMO is a more fluid method for integrating CRM data within the CMS.

So in this case, Drupal is the point man or foundation and Ubercart/Commerce and CiviCRM are integrated with it. It involves a good deal of planning and learning how the eCommerce component and CRM components work. I’ve been developing with CiviCRM for three years now and I know it well but there is a lot to it so you’ll have a learning curve to contend with. I’d recommend setting up a test site with the example data that can be installed and start playing with the data to get a feel for it.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks very much for your reply it was very helpful indeed.

Many thanks