Integrate payment method

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How do I integrate a payment method into my “order now” button?

Here is my source:

Thank you for your help.

Well step 1 will be deciding what payment method you want to accept…

the means of payment will be by visa, mastecard and stripe credit card

I have no idea how to integrate this into my payment button.

Check out Stripe. They have a pretty easy to use checkout system.

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Stripe tends to be a bit harder to use if you’re not a developer. The new checkout option that joe linked to above is a newer feature that may be suitable. The alternative is to use one of the many middlemen that offer cart functionality and that link your website to Stripe for you — such as Snipcart.

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ok thank you I will try it

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If you want another option for a super simple cart to setup, try Cartloom. I have been using them for 15 years.