Installing Perch CMS problem!


So I made a website in only html and css, nothing more.
I bought Perch CMS today and I have problems installing it.

To make this easier for you I will be detailed.

I have the my website folder on my desktop and I just downloaded Perch. When I downloaded Perch I got a folder called “perch_v2.6.3” and when I open it there are another folder called “Perch” and two php files, example.php and search.php.

So what I’m gonna do is the client of mine wanna be able to edit some pictures and text but first of all I wanna know wich way I’m gonna install it and what I’m gonna do now since the only thing Ive basically done is downloaded the perch folder.

Thank you!

I really need help since I have to be finished by friday. :confused:

If it is the perch CMS I found via Google it sounds like you have a corrupted download as there should at least be a setup file.

There are some setup instructions on their website:

Yes, I have tried following that but i dont understand

Step 2: Put the perch folder into your website home directory


'Step 3: Visit the setup page

I would guess if you put the Perch folder in your htdocs folder or whatever you are using as a local host you then need to visit: http://localhost/Perch/setup.php

If you put the Perch folder within the folder you have the current website in e.g. website you then need to visit: http://localhost/website/Perch/setup.php

I would guess you want the first method.

You then follow the instructions.

Okay, thanks for replying but I will re-explain everything here really detailed.

I have a domain name and thats my own portfolio, I upload my websites with filezilla.

So I bought Perch with my information (name and my email adress and everything).
What i wanna do now is start making it so they can later on update the text and pictures on the website, then after that upload it to their domain name and so they can edit it. How do they update it, will they need my email and password to log into perch?

The website I’ve built for my client is only HTML and CSS.

Where do I start?
I have no idea.

If someone could help me I would be so happy, I need to be finished by friday. :confused:

Please, I really need help.


Installed WAMP and deleted everything at “C:\wamp\www”, then I copied everything from the Perch folder i downloaded into “C:\wamp\www”.
I opened localhost and I filled everything in this picture as you can see -

And after I filled everything in I clicked “Next Step” and this showed up -

When I write localhost I fill in my username and password -

Then when I click login this happens -

At the perch website I have written localhost as developement domain and I dont know what I’m doing wrong…

I need help please.

I would say your Perch folder path in step one is wrong; try replacing C:\wamp\www with just Perch

It didnt work…

Any other suggestions?

@kvnwpts have you asked the Perch team for assistance - they will most likely be able to point you in the right direction…