Installing NodeJS from scratch CentOS 5 64Bit

I’ve been looking all over the internet on how to install this and that about NodeJS for 2 das n, for example I got Python 2.4.3 and need 2.6.* or 2.7.* for NodeJS, but whatever I do it’s not working. Can someone give me all of the necessary commands to install NodeJS and its dependencies from a freshly reinstalled CentOS 5 64Bit VPS.

Thanks in advance.

You’d be better off with a different distro (and better package management) than centos, one that has a more up to date set of the likely dependencies. Ubuntu, debian or fedora would all be better choices.

Alright, I’ll try Ubuntu instead then. Another question, when using a desktop thingy too. Does it use more RAM and CPU on the server?

Thanks for the advice too.

I just installed Ubuntu and its commands are way simpler, I definitely like the simple installation things with Node.

Ubuntu shouldn’t use any more memory or cpu, as a server installation of it won’t be running a desktop or the typical background tasks a desktop system would.