Installing MYSQL Problem

Ok, so im wanting to starting using PHP so I figured i’d buy the video on sitepoint. The problem is when I follow his instructions I get an error, probably because the video is dealing with an older version of MYSQL.

In the video he tells me not to set a password in th MYSQL configuration set up, then he tells us me to open my.ini file and edit to add “old-passwords”.

I try to add that line of code and it tells me:

  1. “Cannot Create File, make sure the path and file name are correct”
  • it opens a save file area, I save it as the same name and it asks if I want to replace, I say yes! then it goes back to step one and repeats.

Anyone have this problem and know how to solve it?

And unless there is a specific reason why you have to install MySQL individually, I would just use something like XAMPP which installs Apache, MySQL and PHP in one setup process.

Sounds like a permissions issue. The user you’re logged into the computer as can’t write to that directory or the file has the read-only flag set. Right click on it and choose “properties” then see if “read-only” is checked?