Installing composer

I ran into a problem…

For the instructor, when he types

he gets

Have you actually downloaded it though? If you have, you should really be using the Command Prompt for that. If you haven’t, you’ll have to download it from here Composer isn’t a built-in tool or even a default tool on Windows. It’s a 3rd party tool.

It seems to me that in the first and last (same?) screen shots, you’re typing compser - shouldn’t it be composer with the o in it? I haven’t used it much, but I’ve typed composer when I have.

(Slightly O/T, but doesn’t PowerShell go on a bit? All that red text appears to be saying is “command not found”.)

A little, perhaps. The first line is what went wrong, the second is a basic verification/remedy, and the rest is where it happened and what specifically failed (more helpful in full on scripts than CLI, but)

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I didn’t even notice the spelling of the command until I read your post! Good eye!

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