Installing and running composer

hi all

i downloaded Composer-Setup file in e:\xampp

then i run this setup file and it asked me to locate php.exe file.

i located it and it got installed.

Now i tried to follow this below simple basic tutorial

i created a composer.json file inside folder named "e:\xampp\htdocs\comp"

and inserted this code

    "require": {
        "raveren/kint": "0.9"

now the tutorial says to run composer install

composer install

I am not able to know where to write this command ??

I tried it on command line cmd

c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>e:\xampp\php\php.exe composer install

Its give me error

Could not open input file : composer


easily cd to your directory and run composer install - nor more parameters required, composer is the program

got it working


hi chorn

where can i find composer software file ??

I am not talking about composer-setup file
but i am talking about composer.exe or with what ever extension it gets installed ??

It got installed succesfully but where does it got installed ?? how can i find ??


that would be composer.phar and it will be available after you run composer-setup.php.

there are settings for composer-setup that define the location of the executable. see

I searched on my pc but couldnot find it ??
I searched on c: and e: directories
i have installed xampp in e:

are you talking about the composer-setup.exe that i downloaded from

are both composer-setup.exe and composer-setup.php same ??

do i need to run this file again ??


according to the setup file is a PHP file, not an EXE file.

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