Installed as CGI not as apache module?

suPHP needs PHP installed as CGI not as apache module.
what’s the meaning of this line ?i don’t know what is installed as CGI ,and what is installed as apache module .what’s the difference between them, the more detail, the better.

Can find more information here:

thank you for your answer, i have read it over. but still don’t know which PHP is installed as CGI or as apache module.

if something want to needs PHP installed as CGI ,i want to know how to install PHP? if i set up a PHP environment on my local machine. whch style the PHP is installed ?

I think if you check the php.ini you will see either

Server API Apache 2.0 Handler

Or something else; the Apache handler is not cgi.

I have also found cgi can be called fcgi or fcgid !

There some instuctions on ( search for fcgi ) on how to set it up but you need to know the server operating system.

GOT it,THANKS rubble,but if i want to install my as CGI ,how to set up it ?

I am afraid you will need shell access and use something like Putty if you are using windows.

I installed it on a site and it changed some folder permissions; so be careful and take backups first.