Instagram templates for an 'Instagram Editing Templates' web app


I’m in the process of developing an Instagram editing templates web app. But in the first phase at least I need 500 to 1000 templates.
In your opinion how can I provide these templates? using the software at least for a couple of months is free and for monetization, I will use google ads.


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How do you plan on acquiring 500 to 1000 templates? Or is that what you’re asking?

Do you plan on paying someone for developing hundreds of templates? Are you groping around hoping someone will offer you hundreds of templates for free?

I ask you what is the best idea?
I’m ready to buy 1000 templates for the proper fee.
The site will be something like

Well, if I were looking to put together a few hundred templates for a site, i’d go find a designer or…a dozen… who I could hire to put together templates for my site, importantly with agreements and contracts that license or otherwise allows resale of their works.

Is that the ‘best’ idea? Dunno. It’s probably the most legal one.

no matter for reselling.

You still need the legal right to distribute the templates, so you need contracts that say the authors are developing the templates for distribution by your site/app. Otherwise, you’re violating their copyrights, and will be sued into oblivion.

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