Instagram Followers

Hello Folks,

Can anyone suggest me how to increase Instagram Followers ?

Is there any free tool…

Please share with me

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a ‘free tool’ to increase your instagram followers? Uhm… no.
there shouldnt be any paid one, either.

I’m sure there are ‘services’ out there that will increase your instagram followers, but:

  1. It’s against Instagram’s terms of service and will get your account shut down.
  2. They’re not actual people, they’re bots, so the effectiveness of them is 0
  3. You’re paying too much.

How do you increase your Instagram followers? Post things on Instagram that people want to follow. See how that sentence works?


Hi!here are a few tips to increase them:

*Set your account to business so you can see its analytics
*Post high quality post related to your content
*Use hashtags
*Send DM to your followers or new potential followers, sometimes you can ask for a follow. Tell them your content might like them
*Boost your followers a bit
*Interact with other users (comment, like, send dm)
*Keep posting, like three times per week.
*Use follow cop to use a follow/unfollow technique
*Keep your style.

Honestly, the best way is the hard way at the start.
I’d advise these things:

  1. Post, often. If you just started your account, I’d say post at least once per day. Also, don’t forget to use your stories and use hashtags in there. I can’t prove it (obviously) but I feel like Instagram is pushing my organic reach when I use stories. It makes sense, they want you to use all their features.
  2. Use hashtags. I mean, duh, but yeah. Do some research around the best hashtags in your niche and add them at the end of your posts. Everyone does it, so don’t worry about seeming spammy. Add 10-15 of them, if you can.
  3. Try use some bots or services, i use this type of service only once. But be careful, don’t catch a banhammer.
  4. Be useful and engage. The biggest mistake you could make is to post post post and never engage with others. Instagram is a community. Find hashtags relevant to your niche, follow them, and engage in the top posts. Engage with the top comments. Follow people who comment. Go comment on their account. Basically, be human (i.e. don’t do 200 comments per hour with useless comments like ‘nice!’ or ‘cool :sunglasses:’). People will engage back with you, follow you, and increase your reach.
    You should be able to grow your account 5-10 followers per day doing the above. It’s slow, but it’s safe and targeted. I hope this helps!

It has already been explained that the use of bots is against Instagram’s TOS.

To all posters:

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