Inspiration for a 3-step site

Hi all,

As a novice at building and designing sites, I have used wordpress to construct a website for easy text-corrections, that centers a three-step-plan.

Just to explain the proces as clearly as possible and express how fast ans simple the service is. But I am having trouble designing this in a clean, professional way. I feel what I’ve done sofar is to… playful and childish? So I am looking for some inspiration on the web.

Does anyone here have any great looking, professional solutions I can look at? Or any neat ideas?

My current site, just launched using the Genesis Centric Theme is <snip />

Ofcourse all positive or negative comments on my current site are welcome as well!

Sorry, but if you want anyone to comment on you’re site, you’ll have to go to the Website Design & Content: Reviews & Critiques forum. There is a 3:1 review/request ratio, and some [URL=“”]other rules which are laid out clearly in the threads at the top of each forum.

As for inspiration on how to explain it - have you tried something like an infographic (good search term to google/bing/yahoo/whatever) or parallax scrolling (another good search term)? Both approaches work well for step by step type of data.