- a new PHP Class Validation Tool

Developers may be interested in this new PHP Class Validation Tool. Tom Butler is the UK author and in the process of creating the free tool for his final thesis.

I validated CodeIgniter4 GitHub source (completed in about ten minutes) and was amazed at the comprehensive results!

Following are links to the summation and just one of the links which gives comprehensive details of why the class did not receive a 100% rating:



enjoy Smile

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This tool was written by me as part of my PhD project, I’m also the author of sitepoint’s PHP: Novice to Ninja 6th edition :slight_smile:

If you check it out please complete the short survey in the “Give your feedback” link as it really helps with my research going forward. The bigger sample size the better.

Here’s something fun also, the survey is pure html/css there is no Javascript until you press the submit button at the very end and it uses Ajax to send your answers to the server.


i don’t get it. i see charts and points and percentages, but not what it actually should mean to me. clicking on a class name only results in a 404. am i missing something?

PS: oh i see, just the samples above don’t work anymore, but i tried some other repos and it works. nice information provided by that tool.