Insert Country with importer script

I know very little about PHP. am starting at a page of code, which I am sure is easy stuff for PHP Programmers… but I can’t get it to do what I want it to.

What I am trying to do with the code below, is insert the Province/State into the import. This is the current code:


	$PageData = fetch_URL($_POST['domz_link']); 
	$PageData = StripHeaderFooter($PageData,'<hr>','');

	foreach($PageData as $group){
		$pos = strpos($group, '<li><a href="http'); 
		if ($pos === false) {}else{
		$group = str_replace("<ul>","",str_replace("</ul>","",$group));
		$links = explode("<li>",$group);	
		foreach($links as $item){ if(strlen($item) > 5){ 
		$aa = explode("</a>",$item);
		$bb = explode('">',$aa[0]);
		$data['title'] = $bb[1];
		preg_match_all('<a href=\\"(.*?)\\">',$item, $ll);	
		$data['link'] = $ll[1][0];
		$data['description'] = strip_tags($item);
		if($data['title'] == ""){
			$data['title'] = $data['description'];
				if(strlen($data['title']) > 3 ){
				  $my_post = array();
				  $my_post['post_title'] 	= strip_tags($data['title']);
				  $my_post['post_content'] 	= $data['description'];
				  $my_post['post_excerpt'] 	= $data['description'];
				  $my_post['post_status'] 	= "publish";
				  $my_post['post_author'] 	= $user_ID;
				  $my_post['post_category'] = $_POST['import']['cat'];
				  $POSTID = wp_insert_post( $my_post );		


function StripHeaderFooter($data, $customHeader="", $customFooter=""){

$This = explode($customHeader,$data);

return $This;


So I found this piece of code in another file:

$my_post['post_content'] = $_POST['Dir']['State'];

Now…this tells me what the values are that I need to use to insert the Province. So if I want the import to show “British Columbia” for the entire import, how would I add this into the code?