Input with pattern

Hello, I want to make an input that can’t be submitted if it doesn’t contain ‘+’ sign before all of content.
I want it for phone numbers.

For example,
+994551112233 - TRUE
994+551112233 - FALSE

I couldn’t do this with pattern

You’ll want to use reg exp for that.

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There is no plus sign checker

What code are you using right now? As you can definitely do it using JavaScript and Regex (might be able to using HTML 5 input pattern attribute

Something like

<input type="tel" pattern="\+[0-9]{12}" />

Thank You

Hi there heybetov1998,

don’t forget to also add the “required attribute” :winky:



If you are looking for pre-made regex patterns for phone numbers (or other things) there are a few on this site:-

If you want to experiment and create you own custom regex patterns, I find this tool quite useful:-


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