<input> in a <li> in Firefox

I am using a jQuery sorting technique that I found on the webs, but the problem with it is that my <input> boxes are no longer selectable in Firefox. Everything is working fine and dandy in Chrome and IE. I don’t know why you can’t select the input boxes in Firefox, but my guess is that it is within a <li>.


Any thing I can try?

the problem is your css for input box. I think your css is not valid css for firefox. Maybe firefox can not read your tag.
example :

#border-top: dotted lightgrey 1;

Firefox cannot read the lightgrey… but ie & chrome can.
So you must make some changes to :

#border: 1px dotted ##D3D3D3;

Using hex value, most bowser can read it.

Thank you but I do not have any css applied to the input boxes. I don’t know where you are getting the lightgrey from, but it is not from my code.

Found the problem… thanks for the help anyways. :wink:

There was some javascript that was disabling it which was only working in FF though.