Input Fields Lost Focus As Soon As You Aren't Pressing Mouse Key

Hello there. I’m building a website that when you scroll down, it brings up a panel that has a Contact Form 7 form on it.

I cannot figure out WHY the contact form loses focus the second I let up on the left mouse button. If I move this form out of this absolutely positioned element that slides up, it works like it should.

IF I hold the mouse button down and type, it allows me to type within the input field ??

Is there something special to note about contact forms within absolutely positioned elements?

I would show you the code, but unfortunately, it’s within the DIVI Builder, so I can only share the website and hope it’s enough to at least give me a breadcrumb to follow!

Thank you for your assistance.

Well, the general implication would be that if focus is leaving your text field, it’s GOING somewhere else - find out what is sucking away your browser’s attention in the console:


Hutley, thank you. You were absolutely right. I had an in page hyperlink that was conflicting with the input fields.

Thanks Mate!


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