Infolinks earnings drop

I’m wondering if Infolinks is not some scam…

They pay well at the beginning, when you’re a new registrant (so that’s why you may read plenty of positive reviews online).

But after a month or two, earnings just drop… I saw my Infolinks earnings dropping by more than 50% :injured:

I’m quite pissed off by Infolinks about this… they aren’t better than Kontera, actually I’m starting to think that Kontera would be a better option in the long term.

If you’re seeing your infolinks earnings going down the drain, tell the world here! maybe this bad buzz will lead infolinks to do something positive and get rid of this mantle of scammer… (whishfull thinking?..)

I noticed that Infolink start to classify contents against ads, so they will underline only the keywords that relevant to your content . am I right ?

Infolinks always varies a lot, just something you have to live with.

At the end of the day there are competing companies and its easy to split test and see which one pays more and switch to them.

Same thing happened to me but not until august 2010. My traffic is way more and CTR but earnings are lower this and last month. Unsure why exactly it is happening but hopefully that fixes in time…

My drop in earnings is still okay, not a massive drop like some people above who commented but it is enough to start looking for other options soon…

I hope infolinks reads all these comments… Peace people…

I use InfoLinks, but have it only implemented on one blog. Perhaps they do pay well, as it is also about increasing our search engine traffic, and making converisons. If your content is useful and interesting, I don’t see why your conversions are not satisfactory

My average daily earnings have actually been increasing the last few weeks after being steady for quite a long while.

Hi guys, it’s Sarah from Infolinks. If you see a change in your earnings I suggest you contact and ask them to take a look at your account. It’s possible that the change in earnings is seasonal but the best course of action is to check with them. As they’re the experts they can offer you some tips to get your earnings back up where they should be.

Hi – I work for Vibrant Media. I’d be happy to talk to publishers interested in joining our in-text network.  We offer the leading technology as well as the most relevant, most premium, and highest paying ads.  You can reach me via email at I’ll reply within 1 business day.

I’ve seen this dilemma among various person. I am one of them. It happens and it might not be Infolinks.

That happens when you join any new advertising service. Lots of people see and click on the ads at the start but as they become used to their being in your pages then fewer will continue to click.

At least with the sort of advertising that you place on the page yourself you can try moving it to a new location and that may revive interest for a short while.

earnings depend on CTR … may be your content is less … for inline ads …content must be high quality … iam using infolinks from 6 months … i didnt find this kind of problem from them

I am beginning to have my doubts about Infolinks too. I am not saying they are a scam because they still pay into my Paypal account, but over the last couple of months my daily earnings have been decreasing substantially despite adding a second site and getting twice as many overall clicks. My daily average has halved now. Every month my earnings are proporionately decreasing, the worst part is that they have been decreasing much fin the last couple of months. By the way, adsense perfoms much much better both in terms of CTR and much better cost per click, in fact, cost per click does not even compare.

Too many links in the content is not user friendly anyway, and when you get a pittance for each click despite having them on what you would think are high paying niche like security, automotive. I think Infolinks sucks big time despite having great hopes initially as lot os people had positve things to say about them a few months ago in comparison to Kontera. I am going to remove them and try Kontera again and see what happens.

I was going to try Chitika, but they don’t have inline links. I already have adsense, so I don’t to try Chitikia because I would rather use that space for adsense. I think Google should expand into inline text ads because their payout will match their normla adsense ads.

Does anyone know any other inline ads that perfom better than Infolinks and Kontera (from experience). I am beginning to get really frustarted with infolinks now.

Their reporting is fine. Another problem I find with them is that they don’t allow the style of ads to be controlled individually on differnt sites. It seems if you change they style in the interface they have an affect on all sites their code runs on. I could be wrong about this, but I am seeing changes on both sites where I placed their code.

Exactly happening to me! I am thinking of Adbrite intext advertising

Took infolinks off. I am not going to effectively give them free advertising space. Their links are quite invasive to the reader anyway when you have 5 or 6 links per page, I feel it hinders the readers’ ability to read text fluently. When you have one or two links per page, the readability isn’t bad, but then the CTR would be pretty awful. They are paying me 2 cents a click on a quality auto site. Its just not on.

I have heard & read of so many instances when some change in the look across the site greatly hampers your SERP. So be careful on that front.

Its not the CTR that I have an issue with when it comes to infolinks because it is pretty good, its the embarassing revenue per click. It started out very good in the first two months when the average was around 8 to 10 cents per click, which I was very happy with despite not coming anywhere close to adsense, but this month the cpc has averaged around 2 cents, and that on what would be considered a pretty good paying niche (remember it started out paying well in the first couple of months, so its not just my view its a good paying niche). I could understand it if was entertainment sites or the like, but not on the niche I am running it on.

There could be a very good reason though why Infolinks pays as low as they do. They simply don’t have big advertisers in their ranks. If you look at a typical Infolink ad, its usually information on the particular keyword rather a commercial ad. I think most of their ads are run by other sites rather companies selling products and services, as is the case with adsense much of the time.

Shouldn’t be the case at all. You cn be banned if you put something on that is prohibited by google or other search engines, but otherwise you will be fine.

the same story happened to Kontera…