In-Text Ads Review Page

70-80% US Traffic :slight_smile:

Have you ever tried MediaText?

I’m giving them a spin right now. Much more speedier and aesthetically pleasing look ads than Kontera as well. For the life of me I cannot understand why Kontera still uses the ugly orange cartoon balloons. Bleh.

No never have but they sure look sharp

I don’t know either why Kontera is so ugly?

Yeah, and the support hasn’t been so great either.

So far MediaText isn’t giving good CPC rates (like 2-3 cents a click, ugh), but to be fair their service indicated that it takes up to two weeks for your site to be analyzed and optimized before you see good results, so I’ll reserve judgment until then.

I would try chitika linx or infolinks they both pay well :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think I’ll be trying out Infolinks too in the near future.

I may have spoke too soon though. I checked my stats again and my CPC jumped to 65 cents a click. :eek: Niiiiice.

I’ll need to give them a few weeks to see how well they optimize the content on my site. :smiley:

Yeah as of today Im still thinking they have an edge over chitika linx.

The ads seem to be improving somewhat as well.


mko congratulations on the great numbers and people going to your site how do you get a lot of people I’m guessing you use google adwords probably. I can’t get anyone to come on but the content is good I think. Anyways good job again on the great traffic.

Hey thanks man, yeah i use google adwords, seo, and a few thousand man hours. :slight_smile:

great thanks for the info and again keep doing what your doing since its working great. Good luck again.

Ok here’s my opinion on

The company looks legitimate and somewhat professional. However, the owner(s) are going around the internet asking webmasters that use Kontera or any of their competitors to TRY

They have emailed me “promising” a higher revenue stream than that of Kontera (what I’m using now). My question is: How can you guarantee such a promise especially when you’re as new as they are? It’s a little fishy, and my theory is that the owners are trying to “show” that their company can jump into this market by having their publishers rant about how much money they’re making. If they can keep up and offer good numbers, I’m down. BUT, that’s the not the case. These guys seem to be manipulating their numbers by “tweaking” their publishers earnings to keep them on board. Not exactly a company I want to put my trust with.

Anyways, I might try it out but I don’t think they can beat Kontera… not even close. Kontera is a great in-text program because they can handle GLOBAL traffic, rather than just United States traffic like Chitika.

As of right now im holding steady.

I’ve never had any luck with kontera, but to each there own right?

I’ve been paid and average daily earnings are pretty steady.

Ill be sure to post if they start acting fishy, but as of right now they seem to be working well.

Yeah jumping into the market can be tricky, but its all about 3 things.

1.) Marketing
2.) Customer Service
3.) Reliability

They seem to have those under control.

How much are you making on a per click basis on avg with kontera?

What site is this that is getting such high CTRs?

looks good, which are the trusted ad netoworks other then adsense

This is a great write up - thanks for sharing your detailed results … I have never liked Adbrite - and although I often get angry with Adsense it is always getting slightly better… now I have something new to consider trying!

Why did you hide clicks, page CTR and Page eCPM?

I’ve never even considered in-text advertising like this. It seems like the kind of thing that would seriously annoy visitors. In your experience have you ever run into this?

Mentioned earlier that it is likely to be against the TOS of Info-links. I would bet that it is, but not sure off the top of my head.

mkoenig - Nice results and thanks for sharing your results with Info-links.

I also recently switched from Kontera to Info-links, and so far I see at least a 20-25% improvement in CTR and similar in CPC. I don’t get a huge number of impressions and clicks per day, so I can’t yet say whether it is consistently better, but I am happy with the switch so far.

I am trying them now, If all goes well, I will remove all my chitika links with them, I’ll post back once I see the results.