In-Text Ads Review Page

Lets make a In-Text Ads Review Page

For those of you who have not heard. (that may be 99%) there is a new in text ad company.

I just signed up with them, and am going to share my findings with the forum.

Has anyone heard anything about them? They promise the “Industry’s best
revenue share”

I’ve already tried Chitika Linx, Adbrite, and Kontera, intext links.

Ill do a small comparison in a few days, but for now here is a screenshot and link.


Good Earning. I just started using

Can we change the link color ?

The options for link colour and whether to use single or double underline are in the control panel within your InfoLinks account.

The situation with income from advertising is looking better. Over the past month my AdSense income has gone up about 20% and my InfoLinks income has doubled.

Well they used to pay good, now they don’t. Many companies will do that at first and then once you have their ads they keep cutting you back further and further.

Chitika dropped Linx. A program just like infolinks.

Text link ads requires a pr 1 or greater i would guess. (i don’t own that site)

Yeah have at LinkSnapr really easy to use a decent promotional tool as well.

Hope that covers everything, im going to sleep its 12am here. :slight_smile:

Wow, you went from loving one of the other 2 to now hating everything?

Who dropped what?

What PR do you have to have on your page in order to qualify?

So I should ad some ads on that LinkSnapr site?


I don’t use anything now, was using chitika linx, but they dropped that, infolinks now pays crap, kontera has always paid crap.

Text Link Ads as the person mentioned before while it may sound the same is a totally different concept. You sell links on your pages with high pr, and get paid a monthly fee, a decent way to monetize a high pr site that has no traffic.

Yes LinkSnapr is a new Social Bookmarking Site like Digg, totally free.

They don’t return e-mails is all I know. I’ll be lucky if I get one response out of 10.


Correct, InfoLinks

I also find a lot of their ads are the same, they don’t give fresh related content for each word. I haven’t checked lately, but when I first signed up that’s what I found.


you are talking about infolinks?
recently they reduce my rate
now getting 3 dollar for 300 click

so better then infolinks? anybody used both of them?

So what do you use now?

Can anyone post an ad/URL on your LinkSnapr? Is that a new system?


Best advertiser i ever used. Giving me 5-10 cent per click. Keep going

Yeah, i no longer use them. They now stink. :wink:

Your thinking starts wrongly. What good would do your 10 friends clicking your ads anyway? You don’t want to earn $0.9 per day. There are billions people on the internet nowadays, surely you can increase your traffic to have thousands of them clicking your ads without knowing them. Your focus should be on ways to increase your traffic, not to try to cheat the system to earn low revenue anyway, without even mentionning the fact that you’ll probably be banned and lose all potential revenue.

OUCH!!! Harsh delivery, but pretty much what I expected. Back to the old drawing board.:nono:

It depends on whether all your friends are thieves or not. If your friends regularly steal money for you then they will happily steal money for you from Infolinks. Of course once Infolinks find out they will cancel your account and ban you.

Hey everyone, I am brand spanking new here as well as new to in text advertising. I just signed up for and got approved for infolinks, I have one click and made a whopping 9 cents whoo hoooo. My site is relatively new and in its infancy, thus pretty low traffic.

Infolinks terms say you can NOT click your own links, and that makes sense to me and is fine.

My question is, what if, for example, I get 10 or so friends of mine (from their own ISP of course, with their own IP), to click all of the ads on my site.

There is no way to review the T&C after you are approved.

Does anyone know if this would be permitted?

Dude is this a real question? Seriously? :rofl:

OK… i’ve been with for about a week and here are my results

I’ve blurred out the CTR and CPM etc because im not sure if its against the TOS like Adsense.

They seem to pay around .12 a click. This is pretty good. Not sure how they will hold up in the long run, or if they pay on time.

Customer support seemed a little slow, i don’t think they work weekends.

The Good: Loads fast, good looking ad, easy to integrate, cpc is good, 80% of revenue distributed to publisher (according to them).

The Bad: Company is new and needs to build trust, company is new and needs more adverts, ads are not very contextual and often get the typical click here for info on etc. Only pay via paypal no checks at the moment.

How do they compare to Chitika Linx, and Kontera. We’ll they blow kontera out of the water as far as im concerned. Kontera pays me about .01 or less per click and the ads load slower. While chitika starts of paying higher around .18 per click they always pay less and less per week or pay and I’ve always ended up getting paid .05 or less. So at least for now seems to be better than both. Lets see how they hold up in the long run.

I would also suggest integrating channels or auto channels that tell where the clicks are coming from as you can easily integrate it onto other site.

I would suggest this one.

impressive stats !

Would you mind sharing … what percentage of your traffic is US traffic ?