Infolinks ads not showing up

I activated infolinks with my blogspot since two years, I applied and received an acceptance e-mail. I’ve placed my code on my blogspot, and its worked very well since two years but now suddenly disappeared all adds from the site.

Does anyone know what’s happened?

Have you tried contacting Infolinks?

You’re the second member to report a problem recently. Infolinks ads not visible

thank you very much i solved my problem and now all adds are visible to my site. thank you very

I’m glad it’s solved. Could you say what the problem was? It might help anybody with a similar issue.

The code provided by Infolinks, to integrate blog spot, was missed or was deleted by mistake and all adds was disappeared so I again paste that code and same time all adds came to my site,

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Do you actually make money with them? I saw them in a few sites and it was just saw annoying. with a pop up you can at least close it but with infolinks every time you accidentally hover over it it pops up.

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