Infamous Ooops That wasn't found error

I installed the Flexibility 3 theme, customized it. No errors.

Added the All-in-One-SEO pack and clicked on a few settings within. No errors.

Made a simple plain text post of a few lines. No errors.

Altered some of the settings under the Settings section … about people posting, notifications on comments, etc. No errors.

Made another simple plan text post and now the infamous “Oops, that wasn’t found” error.

I deleted both posts and still the error persists.

Plus, none of my “pages” are being found … About page (even though I hadn’t edited it yet) and the same for any of the categories (well, the one that had both posts in it). And also the featured section on top (part of the Flexibility theme) won’t show, but the footer one is still fine.

Link to the blog itself:

I have the Wordpress URL as above in General Settings …
and I have as the Site address URL.

What could have caused it if everything was working fine until I made my 2nd post? And why won’t it work if both posts are deleted?

EDITED: Ok, this does not make sense. If I put the Site address URL back to the default, then everything seems fine. But that isn’t correct … the Site address should be: … right?

When they ask the site address url they mean the url where wordpress is installed. So is correct if you installed wordpress in the /blog folder.


Then why ask for the Wordpress address also?

Underneath the area for Site Address URL, it says: Enter the address here if you want your site homepage to be different from the directory you installed WordPress. In my case, that is

I guess it’s confusing if you have to have the same url in both spots, then what is the point of having two fields?

Thanks for helping me out!

OK, if they ask two fields you’re right one must be the folder where wordpress is installed into and the other one the site address.
Then perhaps it’s a problem with the ending /
try with and without.

I’ll have a look at your site now and if I find something obvious I’ll tell you, otherwise try that in the meantime.

EDIT: I went to your website and it seems fine, your homepage is under construction but when I go to your blog, everything seems ok, I clicked on a post and this url: displays fine, no error.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have tried with and without the trailing / … makes no difference. It wants /blog/ in the Site address URL.

The only reason why it was important was so that the Home tab in the blog’s navigation would point to the root’s home and not to the blog’s home. As I do not plan to have any more ‘pages’ in the blog … I just turned-off the navigation tabs. I’ll put up a link to take folks back to the site’s home page instead.

Sorry, I’m so used to doing this that I forgot to mention - since I’m still building the site, the “temp” home page is: