Industries where SEO/PPC is not key?

I have been wondering if there are any industries where the highest ROI way to attract customers was not SEO/PPC.

Popular belief is that you should go for SEO/PPC and forget the rest, it seems…however in some industries certain things clearly work better than in others.

Does anyone know of an industry where the main way to attract customers (online) is not SEO/PPC? There are so many possible reasons (SE traffic having low conversion rates, b/c of trust being important for sales,etc.)

Or perhaps a field such as this webmaster stuff :), where the industry is simply highly-connected (What other industries is the computer-savy demographic part of?) with forums, blogs,etc. - and online WOM being important?

I’m wondering if video search will be big for some industries (ranking at the top of google).

I’ve heard twitter was big for lawyers.

Does anyone know of an industry where Google is not the main way of customer acquisition? I’d love to hear it. thx :slight_smile:

Not sure whether this helps, but plenty of businesses owe their success to word of mouth and referrals. Happy customers spread the word. You just need some happy customers first.

Construction. I don’t know a single builder or large construction company that gets work from their website, if they even have one. Plumbing is the same and I bet a bunch of service industries fit the criteria you’re looking at.