Index gif's - size and vs those with text

Anyone aware of a basic minimum dimension for a gif, basically, a jump off point for bringing optimization results?

Am placing (9) approx 130 by 90 px gif’s, with accompanying links only.

Due to space limitations, probably won’t be adding descriptive text beside each, that too begs the question - how important is textual content in relation to clickable images/having links?

Textual content around an image is important to an image ranking particularly if it is a competitive phrase. Make sure to optimize the image name and alt text and if all possible add a caption and other text on the page as close as possible to the image in the code.

If you are limited in displaying the entire caption you can show a portion of it and add a more link so if they click on it a div can expand to show the entire caption. The search engines should still see the entire caption though.