Independent developer advise needed - access to database

Hi, I’m not a developer but a client. I’ve given login details to my developer to access my database through phpmyadmin. However he has still requested:

“We require phpmyadmin access of the server or control panel access. As soon as we get the root/admin user’s password for database access we can able to check the database and able to fix issues fast. Please send me details asap.”

Why can’t he check the database through the login details I have already provided?

Can someone advise me, if what he is asking is legitimate and correct? To me it doesn’t seem correct.

I prefer not to give full access to my control panel.

Would appreciate your independent advise.

Just ask the developer specifically which privileges he’s lacking that he needs for doing his job. Then you can grant additional privileges to his account as needed. There might be limitations with the credentials you’ve given him, so his request might be legitimate.

He shouldn’t need root access. He should be able to do what he needs to do with the database user access you have provided him, unless that user is locked down and he needs to do stuff like create and drop tables.