Increasing keyword density with little content

I have worked on websites before, where the client provides very little in terms of content (text). It is therefore difficult to strongly associate these websites with certain keywords.

What are some good and legitimate ways to make a web page have a stronger association to certain keywords, when there’s little text to begin with?


A website for a hair saloon, or a dental office. There’s not much text in either of those, maybe some photos where I can use the ALT tags and a few short paragraphs of text in total.

Any ideas?


Yes, make to to utilize the keyword phrase inside the alt picture tags.

be sure you are not leaving out any of the Main spots to introduce your keyword or phrase. Be sure to have your keyword in your page title, meta-keywords, meta-description, H1 H2 H3 Tags, first sentence of body text, last sentence of body text, footer, bold keywords on page, keyword use in linked text on page. These are a few places that you must use your keyword phrase.

If website has little content then you should use keywords in alt tag and optimize all images & tables then Google will give preference in search results.

You just use social media website,some sites have small text with provide better traffic Like twitter,facebook,LinkedIn etc. Most of people use those websites,It’s generate fast link for search engines.

You can you keyword density by using the synonyms, this is a good technique used in SEO.