Increasing business by adding languages to your website?


I’m wondering if anyone has seen success in increasing business/conversions/revenue simply by adding languages to your website.

I run a localization startup ( that makes it extremely easy to translate websites, literally just one line of code. I’d like to know if anyone has had some experience with this and more importantly, success?

Would love to get some feedback on also if possible!


I haven’t personally done this, but I would imagine that if you are promoting a translation tool then it would be a good idea to add other languages.

From what I understand, it’s a good idea because it expands your potential audience dramatically.

For me, I think this is a great idea to expand your business worldwide. Just try looking for a translation tool that can be integrated to your website, that may automatically translate the website to its foreign location, based on where the visitor came from.

Actually, Neil Patel tried it out and he increased his traffic by 47%. Here’s the link to the whole case study:

HOWEVER, I don’t recommend it if your website or brand is targeting a local audience, and not a worldwide one.

I have tried it in the past and it has worked to bring new customers speaking those languages who otherwise may not have decided to sign up. Only one thing to keep in mind is that you should also be able to handle the customer support in that language as well. People expect you to respond in their language if they see it on your website.

Having the access for many languages will increase the site’s popularity. I like to try this in my site.

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Are you saying that you’ve tried this on your site and found it useful? If so, please could you go into a little more detail, because @laurentsabbah is specifically looking for feedback on other folks’ experience of doing this.

Well said!
It also depends on what you’re selling. In my experience I found it really challenging to discuss a project with non-english natives. I am a non-english native myself, and have met lots of cultures, so it should be easier, yet it is not. Based on that I decided to only use English on my website, and now most of my clients come from US and Canada, Australia and Northen Europe (they speak english very well!)

Well your website is great. I can see you are running a translation website and want to convert your own website into other languages. If this is your idea, I’d say go for it. You will get a lot of traffic from places you have never heard of.

I’d second that people (rather customers) expect to get all the other services including customer services in the same language that they first saw on your website.

Why wouldn’t you translate your site to other languages? Your business definitely have market outside English speaking countries, so why not try to get them visit your website. However to really take advantage of non-English speaking markets you might have to do more, but this will prepare you for the expansion.

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