Increase user participation in your forum

Hi all,

I’m Nicolas Ternisien from Forum Software Reviews. I’ve written recently an article about how to increase participation in a forum, based on our experience with our own forum, and I’d like to have your opinion and your other tips about this topic, that I could add to this best practices compilation article.

Obviously, if some of the point are wrong, do not hesitate to argue against them.

Here are the 10 points, that are, in my opinion important:

  1. Enable Social Networks interactivity
  2. Enable Third Party Logins…
  3. … And/or Anonymous Posting
  4. Allow Avatars and Make Them Easy to Publish
  5. Participate and Launch Discussion
  6. Promote Active Contributors
  7. Categorize Your Forum
  8. Use a Fast Server and Forum Software
  9. Allow Dynamic Contents
  10. Use an instant messaging on your forum

What do you think?


  1. Enable Third Party Logins…
    2 … And/or Anonymous Posting

above two points can decreases the quality of forum.

  • allowing sigs after certain post…

anonymous postings really do not work for me. it’s an opening for spammers to spam the site. sorry.

I’d remove anon posting from that list. I’ve never seen it end well.

many of these process will flood forum with spams.

why would the do that?