Increase size of opt-in box

Hi - does someone perhaps know how I can do a big opt-in form like the one on this page (the form starts at “Sign Up Below”:

I need a bigger form than the icky one I’m using on this page:

thank you! - Val

To make your text inputs bigger, increase the font-size.
Adding more padding will increase the space around the text making the box bigger overall.
Margins will increase space between the inputs.

Thank you! my problem now is .input1 + .input2 (name & email) aren’t obeying the width:100%; inside .landbox. They’re extending to right outside the box.

Also the text in the submit button should reduce to 100% (from 150%) in @media and it doesn’t? So on my iphone it cuts off at “Send my 3 Free eb” instead of displaying “send my 3 Free ebooks!”

That’s because they’re 100% plus the 20px padding you added.

You could use box-sizing: border-box; which might then require you to adjust the rest of your layout.

A quick fix would be to remove the padding and use line-height instead to give a little more space.

.landbox .awsub input {
    display: inline-block;
    margin-bottom: 10px;
    width: 100%;
    font-size: 120%;
    line-height: 1.6;

Change the figure to suit.

I’m not seeing a problem with the submit button at narrower widths, but I suggest you validate both your HTML and CSS.

Thank you! Line-height works beautifully. You right, no problem today with Submit - it was safari not refreshing itself on my phone even after I’d deleted cache

Final problem is that the Submit button is slightly shorter than the 2 input fields. I tried margin:auto & width:100% but neither works. Can you see how I can get Submit to be either the same width as inputs OR to center itself below the inputs?

In addition to fixing Submit, I also need the input text to be black. So “email” is #a7a7a7, but then when they actually enter their email, I’d like their email to be in black. Please can anyone help with these 2 problems?

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