Increase ram for photoshop cs2 in xp


i m having trouble saving a 15mb jpg in photoshop cs2.

The error message popup says "Could not save because there is not enough memory (RAM).

The image opens fine. then i make changes in it. but i m not able to save those changes

due to ram error.

My pc configuration
Intel P4 with 1.5GB of DDR1 RAM (2gb max supported)
Windows XP Professional
Adobe photoshop CS2

Photoshop cs2 configuration
Available RAM : 1317mb
Memory used by photoshop : 60% = 790mb

Scratch disk
first : startup
second: none
third : none

Photoshop is installed on c drive and image is in e drive. both drives have 7 GB of free



Hi Vineet,

It’s not specified whether or not your processor is Dual Core. If it is - your best bet would be to upgrade to an x64 (64-bit) OS. XP too comes in x64, so does Vista, Windows 7, and a whole bunch of Linux distributions, like Ubuntu. Ubuntu is free, as in beer, so as the rest of Linux :slight_smile:

Hold your horses! Dual Core doesn’t imply 64-bit architecture!
There are Single Core processors that are 64-bit, and there multi-core processors that are 32-bit.

Anyhow, I don’t see how a 64-bit vs a 32-bit OS would help the OP with his problem.