Increase Google Impressions (and hopefully clicks too)


I have a website that is about 4 months old. It is a .net domain name.

I have written content and added about 10 backlinks.

Impressions (not clicks) have risen from about 30 per day to 100 per day.

If I do nothing else to the website and do not increase the backlinks will I see the impressions increase further? i.e… should impressions increase overtime as the time the domain name has been online increases?



Who knows? Impressions depend on people using the keywords on your site. More impressions are good, but clicks are what you want.

Be careful “adding backlinks”, Google gives no value to links you can create yourself, it may do more harm than good.

If you want more impressions you should promote your site on forums and different groups in your niche to gain more traffic.

You should increase backlinks but naturally don’t buy packages that will give you 1000 backlinks overnight that’s bad for your seo.

if you had build any back link in past the chance of impression are present in the future tim, but i think you have a strong need to get more back link for good result

But first ensure that the forum rules allow that. Self-promotion is likely to get you banned from many forums, including this one.

[quote=“klaks, post:3, topic:208100”]
don’t buy packages that will give you 1000 backlinks overnight
[/quote]Don’t buy backlinks at all. It is against Google’s ToS, and may have a negative impact on your site’s ranking.

Impressions are how many times your site appears in SERPs. Forum posting will not increase that. You may be confusing impressions with referral traffic, these are totally separate things.

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This one’s helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well SEO is an ongoing process for any site. You just can’;t stop too much time and wait to check. You have to build quality links with the time to increase impression and clicks for your site.

…ok - thanks - and what about competitive keywords? I know they are harder to rank for but what do you recommend to do to rank for competitive keywords?

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