I am a freelancer that manages numerous websites. I usually receive all of my requests for maintenance (large and small) via email. This can tend to get out of control quickly and sometimes tasks are falling out of view because of the deluge of emails I receive.

I need a system to track and process these requests so I can visually see what needs to be done as opposed to the hundreds of emails (many of them CC’s for projects I’m involved in) clogging my inbox.

Anybody else encounter this situation? How do you track your incoming tasks for strealined efficiency?

I appreciate any thoughts! :slight_smile:

Use a web ticketing system where clients submit tickets.

You always see unanswered ones and replies on same thread. Some allows advanced marking and categories to organize bases on status, topic.

It might sound awkward, and I do all my time tracking and scheduling and most of my business stuff through web apps, but I like to keep my to-do lists on index cards. I have a stack at my desk, one (or more) per project, and I sort them based on priority. When I get new tasks via email, I make a note on it and cross it off when it gets done. Of course, I als track time (currently I’m trying out toggl).

In the past, I have used outlook or my google calendar, but these always got kind of messy, even with appropriate flagging.

Maybe its not the best, but its what I have been doing.

Have a look through this list of issue/bug tracking software. One of them should meet you needs. Some of them may well have features that you don’t need. Try to go for one that meets your needs that has a gpl licence, if it doesn’t have a gpl licence, then have a good read through the licence for any “gotchas”.

Thank you for the thoughts. What list are you referring to?

:blush:sorry, forgot to add the link to the list, it’s here.

Thanks! That should keep me busy for a while. :slight_smile: